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Located at 500 Miller Avenue, echoes a Sanskrit name for a Peaceful and Noble Community at the skirt of our Spiritual Tamalpais. The overall project design has been conceived as a celebration of Mill Valley Natural Environmental Context articulated through the presence of extensive green walls and planting in a dialog with architecture. The lush green of the redwood surroundings and the sit proximity to waterways are highlighted by intertwining buildings with vegetation. Incorporating, as a landmark, a Clepsydra (Water Clock Tower) recessed from the street front, growing out of the vegetated backdrop hill.

Bosanova Hotel and Resort

Rising 21-stories above the beachfront Avenida del Mar, this condo hotel is sure to becomea highly desirable a-list destination and most prominent addition to Mazatlan's skyline. It is situated on Mazatlan's islands just off shore, with the historical lighthouse "El faro" to the south. it sits perfectly between the historic town center, centro historico, and the booming Golden Zone, Zona Dorado, both minutes awat via open-air cab. The building's appearance is pure structure. Architecture and structure create a synergistic phenomenon, with no clear distinction made between the two. 

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